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Pinnacle offers consultations and stress-free solutions to all your immigration needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of consultants will alleviate the hassle and assist with obtaining a second citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Program of St Kitts and Nevis or a country of your choice. We can likewise assist with work permits and visitor visas.


See Documents Required for Citizenship 


Pinnacle will work closely to satisfy the needs of our clients through consistent and professional facilitation. We will assist in the identification and acquisition of strategic assets and provide reliable aftercare service. We also provide access to many companies and Governments throughout the Caribbean Region.

Market research, real estate and investor/investment information and trend analysis

• Site visits, advice and assistance for decision and negotiation

• Financial and Corporate Services

• Business registration

• Joint Ventures

• Strategic advice on maximizing success for planning proposals


Pinnacle offers a combination of technical skills and management competencies through our network of professionals in various disciplines. We are one of the leading Resource Consultants and Investment Advisors, extensively involved in Project and Financial Advisory Services and Innovative Funding Solutions.

• Consultancy

• Project and Development Services

• Facility Management

• Investment Sales

• Banking facilitation



Pinnacle will ennsure that the paper work and procurement processes are timely and stress free.


• Proposal Content

• Contract Liability/Legal "Traps"/Indemnification

• Supplemental Services/Work Authorizations

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